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Moving Home

I recently bought a new house and requested Jenny’s help with packing and then organising once I moved in. We went through everything box by box and she did not rush me to decide what I was keeping and what I knew I needed to let go of. Despite my nervousness to let go of a few things, her process meant I could move at a pace that I was comfortable with whilst making the desired progress. She was invaluable in making my new house a home. I know for a fact that I would still be in a mess today if it wasn’t for her help!

Ms. H - Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire



I could not be more pleased with the way Jenny helped me sort and clear the clutter of many years. I now have what looks and feels like a much more spacious flat; all my visitors comment on it. She always gives 100% of her time and energy, never clockwatching nor time wasting. She made what had seemed an impossible task not only doable but enjoyable, and has a knack of seeing through chaos to what would be possible, then helping to achieve it. I would happily recommend her services to anyone downsizing or decluttering or who would simply feel better for more order in their life.

Mrs. V - Monks Risborough, Buckinghamshire


Family Bereavement

Loss of a remaining parent and coming to terms with the emotional nature and quantity of tasks to be done to address the family home and possessions can be overwhelming, easy to procrastinate and scary.

Working with Jenny proved to be the key to unlocking inertia, procrastination and moving forwards.  Jenny is professional, thoughtful, motivational, works hard and creates a great atmosphere to get moving – while at the same time being sensitive and considerate of the emotional challenges involved.

Jenny got us focused and made sure we had fun and laughs along the way and allowed for a few tears when needed. Of particular help was how considerate Jenny was and listened well during the process to make it easier to assess the choices involved, but also sensitive to helping find great destinations for some of the items and made sure to take personal responsibility for providing a place where these items could bring new joy and benefit.  Jenny made sure to let us know the feedback and delight of the recipients – which was a gift and something that was truly important to us.

Thank you, Jenny, for being there right when we needed you and allowing us to move forward and deal with the challenge in a caring, professional, organised and sensitive way.  It was a delight to work with you and we were both pleasantly surprised by how much quicker we got through this with you than we had anticipated.  We have no hesitation in recommending Jenny’s services.

Mr. E - Tring, Hertfordshire


Craft Room

I am so delighted to have found Jenny to help me to declutter and re-organise my Craft Room.

Jenny is professional, considerate, helpful, motivational, and full of vision and ideas.

The thought of this decluttering process had made me very apprehensive, but it has turned out to be liberating although difficult for me at times letting go of things. Jenny encouraged me, never pressed me to throw anything away and through her support have now virtually reduced my room contents by half providing me with a wonderful designed light, airy, useful, and purposeful room.

Since Jenny I now am totally organised, I now know where everything is and find it a joy to use my new room.

Thank you very much Jenny for all your hard work.

Mrs. M - Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire


Two-Bedroom Flat

Thanks so much Jenny, your service was so very helpful to me and you were awesome in supporting me with clearing the flat for rental!  It was really valuable, and I will definitely ask for your support and assistance again for my other properties.

Ms. O - West Drayton, Middlesex



Following my divorce, I have downsized from a family home to a flat that I like very much.  I knew I had brought too much stuff with me, but I just couldn’t get started with decluttering on my own.

With care and patience, Jenny has helped me to sort out and re-arrange all my clothes and possessions as well as many other items that I no longer needed or that were a part of my past.

This decluttering process has been an important step towards freedom and moving on in my life.

Thank you Jenny.

Ms. T - Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

Moving Home

Thank you Jenny, you made my life so much easier by helping me to empty my excessive number of moving boxes. Before you came I could see no end to the boxes to be emptied and the contents to find a home. I think it would have taken me weeks to achieve the same results we did in just two days. Thank you so much.

Mrs. S - Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire