Terms & Conditions

Privacy and Confidentiality

I provide a professional, confidential, and non-judgemental service and I am a verified member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) and adhere strictly to its Code of Ethics.  I am committed to protecting your privacy and I am registered with the ICO - Information Commissioners Office and adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations -Registration Number ZA329779. Client details will not be disclosed to third parties. Testimonials and photographs will only be used with the knowledge and full consent of the client concerned.  Photographs may be taken at the beginning, during and end of the session, as it is sometimes useful to be able to give examples to other clients.  Any photographs and or editorial will be mentioned for example as “Client in Aylesbury”, “Engineer in South Bucks.”.


Advice is given in good faith.  It is always at the client’s discretion whether, or not to follow any advice given.  I cannot accept any responsibility for actions the client takes based on that advice or encouragement or any consequences whether at the time of consultation, engagement in the organising or decluttering process, or at any subsequent or future date following any engagement or consultation.  As I am not a valuer of art or other items of special value or rarity, clients are advised to seek their own valuations on any items.

Whilst the utmost care will be taken with client’s possessions during the session, accidents sometimes occur.  I cannot take responsibility for the damage or loss of any items.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their home insurance is up to date and sufficient to cover any potential breakages.


I have full Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

Support and Cooperation

Organising may take more time than estimated dependent upon the client’s attention and decision-making ability.  Unless otherwise agreed, the client should be present during decluttering sessions and to assist with the project throughout each session.

Extra Hours

Whilst a booking is based on a pre-agreed estimated time, it is not always possible to predict exactly how long a specific assignment will take.  It may be necessary to book additional hours to finish a job and this will be agreed between you and I as and when required.

Health and Safety

If access to your home or premises is restricted or unsafe, I reserve the right to charge for lost time and any expenses incurred.  Prior to undertaking an assignment, you the client, agree to disclose any information relating to the working environment that might put me at risk of harm or damage to health.  I should be informed if there are any sharp or dangerous/hazardous objects, including medical needles, blades of any kind, broken or sharp objects or dangerous animals. Should evidence of infestation be found, the session will cease until professional pest control services have been instructed. The client has a duty of care to ensure that your premises are safe to work in and you agree to disclose any circumstances that may put me at risk as soon as you are aware of such circumstances.

I cannot move or lift heavy items for Health and Safety reasons.  If this is required, the client may wish to arrange additional help from other parties.  I can undertake some light cleaning to assist the decluttering and organising process, but please note that I do not provide a cleaning service. 

Removal of Items

The client is responsible for any items disposed of in the decluttering process.  Items removed from the client’s property is solely the client’s decision and you will accept responsibility for such decisions. I do not hold a waste carrier license, so I am unable to take away rubbish or soiled items, so if you have a large amount of refuse you may wish to order a skip before the session takes place.  I am happy to take a car load if items you wish to donate to a local charity shop.

Outside Services and Suppliers

If required I may recommend the services or provide contact details for other service providers to you.  I will not accept any responsibility for their performance nor liability for any fees payable for their services or for any loss or damage that they may cause.


When sessions last more than three hours we will break briefly every 90 minutes or so.  A suitable lunch break will be taken during sessions lasting five or six hours.  This will not be part of the session and will not be charged for.

Prices and Payment Terms

There is a minimum booking time of 3 hours. Full payment is required at the end of each session. The client will receive an invoice, which they can pay using cash, bank transfer or cheque (made payable to Jenny Hart).  I am unable to accept credit card payments.


Any parking fees incurred in providing the services will be invoiced to the client.


It may be necessary for either the client or I need to cancel a session due to unforeseen circumstances. Wherever reasonable notice is given it may be possible to rebook the session for a future date. If a session is cancelled by the client within 24 hours, then full payment will be required.

Should it be necessary for the session to be cancelled by All Sorted, I will not be responsible for any consequential loss.