Do I need to be at home?

Yes, the aim is to help you organise your space to be free of clutter so will need you to be present during visits at your home so that you can make important decisions.

Are you insured?

Yes, I hold public indemnity and professional liability insurance from Westminster Indemnity.

Do you take away the stuff I no longer want or need?

I am unable to take away rubbish or soiled items, however I are happy to take anything that can be donated to a charity shop of your choice.  If you wish to recycle anything I can offer advice about local facilities.

Will you make me get rid of anything?

Only you can decide how much of anything you need or want. I will ask questions to help you clarify what you would like to keep and what you don’t. I am happy to help you organise and store what items you have without necessarily getting rid of anything.  All Sorted will not pressure you or be judgemental in any way.

Can you sell my unwanted items, or show me how to sell them?

I do not sell anything on behalf of clients, but I can share tips on selling online, or give details of specialist dealers who may be able to help you to sell any specialist items such as vintage clothes, collectables etc.

How long will it take?

It will depend on your motivation, energy, and decision-making skills, the size of the space and how you feel the process is progressing.  Some clients may only need one session and others more it really is up to the individual.  A review is taken together after each session as to whether more sessions are required.

How will I keep things tidy?

Once the decluttering and organisation has taken place I can give advice on how to maintain your space, to keep it clutter free!