My name is Jenny and my job is to help you organise those spaces that seem too daunting to tackle. I am a firm believer that your physical environment greatly impacts your own personal wellbeing. That's why I have established All Sorted in order to help other people organise their lives ensuring stress free lifestyles.

With a background in administration and a married life with 3 daughters, life has certainly equipped me with the skills needed to live and maintain an ordered lifestyle in both the home and working environment. Anything from decluttering your garage to organising your office. All Sorted has a variety of services available to ensure your space stays clutter free and enjoyable to use once again.

My passion for decluttering and organising is only growing stronger. Since having started All Sorted, I have been truly humbled by the impact decluttering services can offer my clients, allowing them to sit back and enjoy their newly organised environments.

If you require any decluttering or organising services or have any queries at all, please do get in touch.

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